Photo class!

You just bought a camera or you want to improve! Marc gives personal private lessons or for small groups, here at the studio, which allows him to adapt to the needs of each and to move faster.
Just bring your camera and some pictures if necessary. Whether to immortalize your family memories, your travels or further your knowledge.

Marc has been a teacher for a long time, he has given many amateur and professional courses in the Corporations of Master Photographers of Quebec (CMPQ) and for the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and at Champlain College.
Photoshop classes are also offered.

You can also offer these classes as a gift with our gift certificates


The lady is full HAPPY, because this morning, I went to take a course with this wonderful man that is the Master photographer Mr. Marc Bailey. Thank you Marc for these notions learned in simplicity, patience and pleasure. It was an unforgettable moment for me and I can not wait to put in PRACTICE all that !!!

You have my deep respect for the FABULOUS work that you do by remaining humble and MODEST!

I would have loved to have had these notions last Sunday when I was doing a kind of photo shoot with my beautiful Daphne and my son Tommy. But as we say, we learn from our mistakes.

France Bouffard