Mediterranean decor

The Mediterranean: the idea came to me from a CD sleeve by Loreena McKennitt. We are inspired by strange places sometimes! I wanted something that looks like a Mediterranean-style house facade (hence the name of the decor).
produced a design that and had it made by a carpenter from Sherbrooke. The floor, painted by hand, is an integral part of the decor. Very wide, it allows me to photograph groups of 30 people and more.

Old Decor

Here is our “old-fashioned” decor as we affectionately call it. The steps give us several possibilities to place our subjects comfortable and natural. It’s perfect for laid-back families, couples, pets and kids love to play in it for fun!
Marc dreamed of this decor for a long time. Since he photographed his daughter Jessica at the age of seven in front of an old door, he dreamed of having a similar setting in his studio. He entrusted the construction to Jessica’s father-in-law, a carpenter, and the finishing touch by her boyfriend Eric, a visual artist.

Brick decor

Classic decor

Stone decor

White background decor