Example of a family photo by Marc Bailey Photography on the Brick background

Photography Marc Bailey

A family story

renowned photographer
retouching artists
and biographical painters
for more than 40 years

restored image, a priceless moment in your family history is preserved.

Visit 3D

We have the chance to present you a visit 3D of our facilities. To go around it you just have to go from point to point, similar to Google Street View.

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Biographical paintings

Thanks to exceptional know-how and unique technical expertise, we are proud to be able to offer you the service of designing biographical paintings.

Whether it is to offer an extraordinary gift or to commemorate the memories of a deceased person, our team will meet your expectations.

Les Tableaux Jessica Bailey

Featured in a report

We are extremely proud to have been honored as part of a “How It’s Made” feature.

The realization of a biographical painting was filmed step by step in our studios by the famous show “How It’s Made” for the Discovery Channel.

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Biographical Painting by Les Tableaux Jessica Bailey
Biographical painting for M. Joly by Les Tableaux Jessica Bailey
Custom painting for the Madore family by Les Tableaux Jessica Bailey

Biographical paintings

Each photo, each image tells a story, reminds us of memories, makes us experience special emotions.


Unfortunately, ancestral photographs sometimes deteriorate under the weight of the years. We can restore them to their former glory with our restoration service.

Following a work of analysis and reconstruction, we make sure to restore the original appearance of your damaged memories.

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Vintage photograph with altered image, before restoration
Vintage photograph after restoration

Restoration of a vintage photo


Portraits, mostly family portraits, are our greatest expertise.

Whether it’s for an individual photo, as a couple or for a large family, you will always find what you want with Marc Bailey Photography.

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A photo shootis taking the time to get together with your family and experience magical and unforgettable moments.

Example of a couple portrait by Marc Bailey Photography


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