Get together with your family and create a magical and unforgettable moment. Our experience knows how to highlight the details that really matter, where you will be at your best, all in a pleasant atmosphere. It is in collaboration with you that we will be able to create photos in your image that will cross time. Your friends and family will be forever grateful to you.

Restoring old photos

We love to take pictures of animals! No kidding: We love it. A beautiful picture of your dog, cat, bird … is a decorative element much more enjoyable than the portraits bought ready-made.
We also strongly encourage families to bring their pets to their family photo shoot. It is also much easier and more natural to put children with their dog than with a toy.

Do not hesitate!


Family photos have been our specialty for nearly 40 years. We have one of the largest photography studios in Canada. It is mainly composed of six sets that photographers from all over the world come to visit. We also have a erea for custom backdrops.