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Portrait of the Bailey family : Jessica, Marc et Diane Bailey

Jessica, Marc et Diane Bailey

The first studio of Photographie Marc Bailey

First studio
of Marc Bailey
at Sherbrooke

Here is our story.

This magnificent adventure began more than 40 years ago in the town of East-Angus, thanks to a man, a husband, a father and a passionate photographer: Marc Bailey.

He established his studio 35 years ago in the beautiful big city of Sherbrooke. Quickly recognized for his extraordinary studio, for the quality of his work and his contribution to the profession, he has received numerous awards over the years.

He has also been rewarded several times for his contribution to the advancement of photography in Quebec. Marc is a true specialist.

Attentive service and superior quality result is what the studio offers at all times.

  • Home of the Marc Bailey Photography studio, in Sherbrooke
  • Winning photographs in the entrance of the Marc Bailey Photography studio in Sherbrooke
  • Corner of the entrance to the Marc Bailey Photography studio, in Sherbrooke

This professional success, he greatly deserved it, but without his wonderful wife Diane, a real ray of sunshine in the studio, everything might not have been so magical.

Coordinator of the studio, she is also well known and respected in the photography community in Quebec. She has been invited many times to give lectures on the profession and has published numerous articles for professional photographers’ magazines. Her sense of organization and his passion for customer service have allowed the studio to find a special place in the hearts of customers.

To top it off, Jessica, one of their daughters, officially joined the Studio in 2004 The business is now a family affair.

A graduate in Visual Arts from UQAM, she brings a fresh eye, creativity and brand new expertise to the digital shift made by the Studio for many years. This led to the creation of « Les Tableaux Jessica Bailey », which is dedicated to photo restoration and digital painting.

Photograph of a family whose feet and dog are visible

Do you want to keep wonderful memories of your story, that of your family or even your pet?

Come see us, it’s our specialty.

Our customers, as many as they are, are also part of the family.

They give us the privilege of entering, for a moment, into their lives. They share their memories with us and invite us to freeze part of their history in time. In exchange for this trust, we offer them a unique photographic experience and results that meet their expectations.